Sundaes & Castles

For the past couple of years, my family’s annual trip has been to Montreal, Canada to watch the Formula One races. This time around we visited Montreal again, but we also took a trip to Quebec to get to re-know the city after six years. Here are some photos I took from the trip!


Château Frontenac, Quebec City

While in Quebec, we made sure to stop by Ile d’Oreleans. A dietitian I work with in the hospital recommended going to this island, which I’m grateful that she did because we encountered a whole new side of Quebec. The island is home to many locals who grow their own produce and some harvest their own grapes to make award-winning wine.

While exploring the island, we stopped by a few stands and one of these stands included an Ice wine tasting. This is where I discovered my love for Ice wine (which is freakin’ delicious by the way). Another stand involved us buying small baskets of the sweetest strawberries I’ve ever tasted. We even stopped by a semi-hidden strawberry store where they make their own jams, jellies, spices, & maple syrup, as well as serve sundaes and different treats. My kinda place (;


Organic Strawberry Jam


Homemade jellies and spices.


In their cafe, I tried their scone, ice cream, and jam concoction of a dessert and holy crap was it delicious. It was served in a Chinese To-Go container (I was surprised too), so I couldn’t capture the beauty of this tasty, unique dessert, but let me tell you it did not last more than two minutes in that Chinese container.


Vanilla Sundae with strawberry basil jam, drizzled with maple syrup and toppled with strawberries.

Doesn’t this sundae look like a synthetic food model?! I couldn’t resist taking multiple photos of the most beautiful, fake looking sundae. I mean, just look at those strawberries, and yes they’re REAL.

Another area we made sure to stop by were the lavender fields. It cost $5 (CAD) per person to enter these fields, which I don’t think is worth the price especially since the lavender were just blooming. But I did get quite a few good shots (:





Now, a quick lil’ side note before I move onto the next couple of photos. For some reason, we (aka me because I was in charge of leading the family in the “right” direction) had trouble finding these lavender fields so prior to the photos above, we may have snuck into an area that we weren’t supposed to enter. But no one cared nor did anyone say anything, so we ended up walking through a beautiful enclosed garden (you’re welcome, fam).



Dinner Time?




The last stop of our vacation was in Montreal. I didn’t take as many photos as I would’ve liked, but to sum it up it was filled with lots of sweet treats (:


Vanilla soft served covered in a chocolate shell.

Canadians are brilliant. The last time I had a soft-served ice cream it was a dripping massacre, but look at this–a chocolate shell to prevent any sticky mess. Genius.


Christian Faure Maison

If you ever get a chance to stop by this bakery, Christian Faure Maison, in Old Montreal I would highly recommend it. Everything I’ve ever tasted from there has always been incredibly delicious.


I hope you all enjoyed this week’s blog post! I figured I’d share some pictures from my trip, especially the tasty looking ones (;



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