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Life has been throwing me surprises. Or maybe I should call them curve balls, because they’ve been striking me right in the gut. One after the other, and it becomes more difficult to get up each time.


I’ve come to this point in my life where I (like many of us) feel completely lost. Of course, this only applies to certain aspects in my life; (I’m incredibly happy with the career path I’ve chosen and I do own a GPS so that’s not quite the problem). No, it’s more of losing myself. And when I’m feeling this way I always go back to my writing, but this time around I’ve decided to make a new blog completely public. (Because why not share with the world my completely average life?!)


So, I continue on my journey and whilst this blog is called A Journey to Everything Good, please don’t be under the impression that it’s always going to be good. I’ve come to notice that life itself is about how one responds to it. It continues to strike, like an automatic pitcher, without a bat at your defense. And it seems the only way to continue is to keep on with your head up.


My journey to everything good, is my take on life in the most positive way I can make of it. With its ups and downs and confusing in-betweens, I’m here to share my journey with you all. Whether it be life events, delicious food recipes, beauty tips and reviews or a simple hello-it’s all coming from the heart (ooh cheesy I know). But I truly hope that along the way you find some interest, ease, hope, guidance, or a good read from my blog. I’ve been wanting to make a “public” blog for some time now, but with this being so dear to my heart you can imagine why it took so long. There’s a lot of doubt, fear and lack of confidence when it comes to putting something you love so much out for the world to see.


But then again, what life would I be living if I wasn’t giving it the fullest, unapologetic potential? Ah-it wouldn’t be anything good, I’ll tell ya that (;


Anyways, I hope you show some love and positive vibes on this journey of mine. It’ll definitely be a weird one.



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