Moving On | An Ode to Summer.

    Wow it’s September first already, where did the time go?! My last year at Rutgers starts next week and I’m not going to lie-I’m freaking out. I can taste the adulthood and I’m not sure it’s sitting well with me.

    This summer has honestly been a rollercoaster of changes, but with all the highs and lows I have to say it’s left me feeling empowered and motivated for what’s to come. So in honor of this beautiful, crazy summer coming to an end, I’d like to share with you all one of my favorite days.

    IMG_4320.jpgI went on a date with myself (since I’m such great company 😉) and took the time to explore my favorite city. While I do this often, this time around things felt a little different. I had finally taken a day to just be by myself and forget about everything that was going on, and goddamn let me tell you that day was needed. Sometimes I forget how incredible it feels to just drop everything and go where ever the wind takes me. It’s 100% necessary and I’ve made it a promise to myself to do this more often and to continue to put myself first. So go out and date yourself even though it sounds kinda weird. I find that I’m the only one who knows where to go and what to do when things are going to complete shit. And being able to successfully pick yourself up when no one else can is probably the best feeling there is (at least in my opinion). So cheers to realizing all of that in one day!

    Anyway, enough with my cheesy, deep self-realization crap-lets get to the good stuff. On this perfect New York day, I decided to hit the Whitney Museum since I’ve never been there before. It’s right beside the High Line, which is also another one of my favorite places.IMG_4326.jpg


    Ironically enough, the one time I go to the Whitney there was an exhibit out done by a Brazilian artist, Roberta Camila Salgado. Let me explain why I find it ironic…I feel like a lot of families do this with their nationality, but my family and I always notice that where ever we go there are always reminders of Brazil, whether it be other Brazilian people, food, the culture or specifically exhibits by Salgado (; Honestly it’s probably just us noticing things that remind us of home, but I love it when it happens. IMG_4325.jpg

    Now I took one art history class in college so I definitely don’t know shit about art, but I did learn how to ‘properly’ appreciate it to a certain extent. Salgado’s exhibit was by far my favorite, not to be biased but I mean, c’mon (; 


    A poem by Roberta Salgado from his exhibit Hélio Oiticica: To Organize Delirium


    English version of the poem above.

    Okay so in the process of me loving this day and this exhibit, I also came across his one poem that I connected with on every level. I mean here I am, realizing all this shit about being on my own and being in control of my own happiness, and Salgado is basically screaming a similar message to me in Portuguese. I went crazy, I fucking loved it. Of course in his sense he was living in the jungle, but it spoke to me and that’s what art is all about right? Or should I get my money back from that one art history course 🤔


    Georgia O’Keeffe Music, Pink and Blue No. 2

    This was another artist’s painting that I probably just stared at for a good ten minutes and I have no idea why. I just kinda fell in love with it.


    Gelato is the way to my heart.

    The rest of day just involved me walking around and going into different bookstores and whatnot. So what better way to end the day with a scoop of Hazelnut gelato from the best restaurant/supermarket, Eataly. And you bet your butt I sat in the park and people watched while eating this.

    So there ya have it, my most memorable day of the summer. It was one of the weirdest summer’s yet, but definitely one to remember.

    IMG_4321.jpg A toast! To a great summer filled with self discovery, life changes and boozy nights 🍻 The adventures are just beginning.





    Whitney Museum and the exhibit Hélio Oiticica: To Organize Delirium


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